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Dr. Resmiye Ermis is board certified in gynecology and obstetrics and is trained in advanced laparoscopic gynecological surgery. She has been given the MIC III certification.


MICIII certification focuses on the individual evaluation of surgeons based on their surgical experience. In order to be granted the highest MICIII qualification, which is restricted to a period of 5 years, the gynecologist must be able to prove that she/he has carried out at least 800 major laparoscopic interventions under her/his own responsibility during the last five years. These interventions must be of a defined degree of difficulty. In addition, during the same period, at least 100 hysteroscopic interventions must have been performed.



Professsional experience

8/2013 MIC III Certification of the AGE (German society for gynecological edoscopy)


2010-2013 Consultant gynecologist Krankenhaus Sachsenhausen


2008-2010 Consultant gynecologist University hospital Homburg


2005-2008 Consultant gynecologist St. Antonius-Hospital Gronau


6/2005 Consultant exam


2000-2005 Attending physician Marienhospital Bottrop